Kanye West’s latest music video ‘Bound 2’ be absurd

Kanye West’s latest music video for his track “Bound 2” is poorly composed and ridiculous, featuring a montage of overdone, tacky nature CGI scenes and Kanye on a motorcycle. The video flashes randomly between these Midwestern scenes and close-ups of Kanye’s and Kim Kardashian’s awful sex faces. It’s no surprise the video release of “Bound 2” about a week ago has already generated some seriously wonderful spoofs.

The best one going viral right now was composed by none other than the lovable duo of James Franco and Seth Rogen, who met on the set of the 1999 television show “Freaks and Geeks” and whose friendship rose to fame through the cult stoner film “Pineapple Express” five years ago.

Franco and Rogen’s remake of “Bound 2” is also known as “Bound 3” due to its incredibly accurate parody of the grotesque, choppy motorcycle sex scene between Kanye and Kim, which spans nearly the entire four-minute video. Franco and Rogen’s rendition reaches next-level hilarity as they mimic each frame, reveling in the absurdity of it all.

Franco satirizes Kanye’s peacocking gestures while rapping, drawing attention to the ways men in hip-hop culture garishly exaggerate their masculinity. His portrayal of Kanye is ironic but accurate, embodying the egocentricity of the famous rapper while also reminding us of Franco’s satirical performance as the rapper “Alien” in “Spring Breakers.” In “Bound 3,” Franco’s basically the “shee-it.”

Rogen, on the other hand, takes on the role of the naked Kim Kardashian, riding backwards on the front of the motorcycle and thrusting like she does with his arms in the air. He mimics her “sexy” face perfectly, complete with bedroom eyes and half-open lips. The humor behind Rogen’s portrayal of Kim is obvious — he, like Kim, tries so hard in the video to appear as feminine and voluptuous as possible.

In watching the satire that is “Bound 3,” we see Franco and Rogen portray Kanye and Kim as trying way too hard. Both fiances seem detached from each other, competing for attention and camera time in the video. Their relationship seems staged, awkward and forced, as neither Kanye nor Kim is willing to give in to the selfless and self-concealing demands of true love. Marriages are formed to emphasize a unity between two people, resulting in some degree of the loss of the “self” — a concept clearly lost on two individuals so fixated on their own “selves” that the union of the two narcissists is hard to watch.

“Bound 2” portrays the engagement between Kanye and Kim as one that is purely superficial, fake and physical, all staged under Hollywood lights. In a world where sex is so overtly portrayed and normalized through popular media, Franco and Rogen’s remake not only recognizes this but also exposes the fakeness of such behavior. “Bound 3” is definitely worth a watch — if you can handle the obnoxious background music.

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