Four ways to continue celebrating the holidays after Thanksgiving

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The beginning of Thanksgiving week means hundreds of Facebook statuses and Instagram pictures of people checking into airports and bus stations. If you made the decision to spend Thanksgiving in Berkeley or even if you’re new to the Bay Area, here are some Thanksgiving must-do’s that you should include on your holiday bucket list!

1. Embrace the holiday spirit with some shopping 

Thanksgiving is a definite mark for the beginning of the holiday season. After you’re done stuffing yourself with turkey, remember to prepare for the huge Black Friday crowds. Fifty-percent off sales are no joke, but shopping with close Berkeley friends can make this a hilariously memorable experience!

If you're in Union Square, don't forget to take a picture with that huge Christmas tree everyone will Instagram!

If you’re in Union Square, don’t forget to take a picture with that huge Christmas tree (Instagram required)!










2. Ice skate your happy holiday butt off

So maybe our part of California doesn’t get incredibly freezing (thank goodness). That doesn’t mean you can’t participate in traditional holiday activities like ice skating. Among various ice skating rinks in the Bay Are, Embarcadero and Union Square are the most popular (and easy to find) ice skating sites.


Warning: Ice skating requires knowing how to ice skate. Your tush will thank us later.

3. Watching a holiday show

Instead of laying in bed browsing through TV channels to see when your local cable provider is going to start obnoxiously re-playing Miracle on 34th Street, watch your favorite holiday classics in person!


You can never go wrong with watching The Nutcracker.

4. Host a after-Thanksgiving dinner party

So many leftovers, so many opportunities. After you’ve celebrated the holiday with your family, celebrate it with your friends with a leftover theme party.


The more (food), the merrier!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Share with us below!

Image sources: Thomas Hawk, tinou bao, randomcuriosity, piratejohnny, and nsuhor under Creative Commons 

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