23 signs you’re addicted to CREAM

We’ll say this: Some of you out there aren’t just CREAM lovers. You’re CREAM addicts. CREAMniphiles, cruggies (CREAM + druggie), whatever you want to call yourselves. The homemade cookies and ice cream are simply irresistible. We at the Clog more than understand this intense chauvinism toward the honest-to-goodness concoctions of sugary delight, and it’s probably because we too have had one too many ice cream sandwiches. And we totally get what it means to be an addict. If you think you’re one of them, read this and see how you fit in.

1. You frown upon any other sorry attempt at an ice cream sandwich

2. Judging only by the length of the line, you know exactly how long the wait will be

3. And a short line is the equivalent of heaven

4. You’d pay the extra 50 cents in the event you’re out of cash

5. But that’ll never happen. You can go cash-free, but you always carry a few notes in your pocket for spontaneous CREAM runs

6. Hands down, you’d try the CREAM at Stanford

7. And you wouldn’t be ashamed to say you loved it

8. Of course, though, you pride yourself on the fact that the CREAM here is the original CREAM

9. You imagine this happening to CREAM haters …


10. And this


11. And this

12. You’ve thought about bottling up the scent of the store and selling it as air freshener

13. You can recite their cookie menu backwards faster than you can recite the alphabet

14. You think “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me” is one of the cutest acronyms ever

15. When you gave your non-Cal friends a tour of Berkeley, this is one of the first places you took them to visit

16. Passing by it on the way to class makes you go like this

17. You have your own secret CREAM fantasy (a PG version, of course!)

18. You’re always in the know about promotions

19. There is a photo of you holding a CREAM treat

20. To you, it’s a perfectly viable dinner option

21. Breakfast, too

22. CREAM has made you an ex-vegan

23. You’ve compared CREAM to sex. CREAM won.

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