5 ways to stop yourself from going crazy from studying

With dead week quickly approaching, you may already be dreading the study guides and flashcards you’ll be drowning in this time next week. While the little sleep you get might make you feel like a member of the Walking Dead, here are five tips to make sure you don’t lose your mind while studying. If you feel like you need a break, try these tips!

1. Work it off.


If you’re feeling down because you can’t remember a formula for Math 53, take pride in knowing that you can do 100 push ups instead. Reluctant to leave the library? Try taking a brisk run up and down the staircases in Main Stacks or Moffitt. Working out is a great study break that not only gives you more energy but also helps you avoid the “freshman 15” that seems to affect all students, regardless of their year.

2. Walk it off.


Instead of forcing yourself to stare at the same four walls whenever you look up from your textbook, go outside. Go for a walk, stalk some squirrels or dare yourself to go through Sproul Plaza without getting a single flier (try walking briskly around). A change of scenery will refresh your brain and remind you that there is, indeed, life outside the library.

3. Dance it off.


Too lazy to actually leave your room? Crank up the tunes instead! Not only will twerking to “Gas Pedal” provide endless entertainment for those around you, it will also get your blood flowing and give you more energy.

4. Laugh it off.


Even though you will be spending some quality time with your course readers and textbooks, make sure to make time for your real-life friends. Taking breaks to talk and laugh with someone will help you de-stress and help you maintain your sanity during this study-intensive time.

5. Sleep it off.


When all else fails, just close your eyes for 20 minutes and dream that you’re the richest person in the world. It’s a surefire way to make you feel more motivated when you wake up. On the off chance that the weather is mild enough, try napping on Memorial Glade. Otherwise, just nap wherever you are (use your textbook as a pillow, if necessary) — no one will judge you; it’s called “dead week” for a reason.

Image Sources: Steven S. under Creative Commons, fitnessgifs4u, elmontajistaribelle-avventurosamentesuzywordmuser, and coolmir317

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