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What do your study habits say about you?

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DECEMBER 05, 2013

Finals are almost upon us at UC Berkeley, and every semester sees anxious students mourning the amount of work they have to do and exchanging stories about their studying hell. We can probably all agree that finals absolutely suck, but all students are different in how they handle just how sucky exams actually are. Have you ever wondered what kind of person you are during reading week? Take our quiz and find out!

Do you feel compelled to write a to-do list before you start studying? 


Do you keep a study schedule? 


Does ticking off a task on your to-do list give you way more pleasure than you’d like to admit?


If you said yes to the three questions above, you are THE PLANNER! You can probably be found in the library between classes, sticking to a meticulous study plan and referring to an insanely detailed to-do list. You’re highly organized and rarely distracted, which we admire you for! Now give us that insane willpower …


Do you spend more time worrying about how much work you have to do than actually doing it?


Do you feel compelled to study once you see someone else studying?


Are you usually that person who disappears during reading week as a quivering wreck and reappears after finals as a new person?


If you answered yes to the previous three questions, you are THE WORRIER! As a Worrier, you usually feel like you should be studying all the time and can’t shake the feeling of guilt when you see someone else studying more than you are. Our advice? Take a chill pill! Yes, finals are stressful, but obsessively worrying about them won’t do anything except give you premature wrinkles.


Are highlighters, colored pens or fluorescent page-markers essential to your studying?


Do you color-code your notes?


Do you often pride yourself on how “pretty” your notes look?

Revision 3

You are THE ARTIST if you agreed to those three questions! The phrase “visual learning” has never been truer than when it comes to your studying. Your notes are usually clashing colors of fluorescent pink and yellow, with page-markers sticking out of every book you own. Well, what can we say? At least you’re getting creative with your studying!

small edit032

Is coffee a very close friend of yours?


Does the idea of a library being open 24 hours fill you with joy?


Do you usually start studying after 10 p.m.?


You are THE NIGHT OWL if you agreed with those three questions! Night Owls are usually found up at strange hours in the morning, surrounded by empty cups of coffee or cans of energy drinks. You prefer to work at night and consequently sacrifice sweet slumber for intense study shifts. Students are advised to get a certain number of hours of sleep, but which UC Berkeley students actually have time to sleep when they’ve got three finals to ace?!


Does the mere idea of studying make you sleepy?


Do you tell yourself you’ll study ‘right after I take a 40-minute nap’?


Is the phrase “Omg, I’m so tired” a regular part of your vocabulary during finals? 


If you agree with the above three, you are THE NAPPER! For Nappers, just the idea of studying is enough to send you to sleep. Let’s be honest: With all the reading, note-taking and highlighting, who wouldn’t be bored to sleep? If you cannot seem to work without an interval of sleep in between, you are a Napper through and through.


Are “study snacks” something you invest in during reading week?

Snack Box

Do your study breaks usually include food?


Do you organize your studying around the next time you’re going to eat? 


You are THE SNACKER! If you’re not eating while you’re studying, you’re thinking of the next time you’re going to eat. For some reason, finals season increases your appetite, and it just so happens that eating is the perfect excuse to leave your books. We agree that a hardworking student has got to eat, and reading burns calories, right?


Are you easily distracted?


Do you study with your phone or laptop near you?


Does a five-minute Facebook break usually turn into an hourlong Internet surfing session?


Are you taking this quiz instead of studying right now?


You are THE “LITTLE AND OFTEN.” Those who study “little and often” usually aim to work for a while, take a short break and then continue. But the short break is almost always longer than expected. In fact, it usually surpasses the amount of time you spent working. Well, at least your heart is in the right place, right?


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DECEMBER 05, 2013