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7 hot drinks to help you endure the winter

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DECEMBER 06, 2013

Cold weather has rolled into Berkeley, and it’s here to stay for a while. As the wind continuously bites at your face, you’ll probably start craving something hot to fight back. Here are some drinks to start downing.

1. Chai tea

Chai tea is renowned for its beneficial effects on health and the immune system. The combination of tea, herbs and spices boosts its antioxidant properties and will help you keep the dreaded flu away.

2. Eggnog

You can’t go through the holiday season without indulging in some frothy eggnog. Whether it be chocolate- or caramel-flavored, eggnog is a winter classic. You can make it at home or buy it at a nearby supermarket. Just heat it up, add some cinnamon and nutmeg, and you’ll be set.

3. Hot chocolate

Just as Berkeley is synonymous with Bear territory, hot chocolate is synonymous with cold weather. Passed down for thousands of years (it’s believed to have been created by the Mayans 2,000 years ago!), hot chocolate is the perfect warm drink for any time and place. White, milk, dark, peppermint, peanut-butter-infused, Belgian chocolate — we love them all!

4. Hot buttered lemonade

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Who said lemonade is just for the summer? This thick drink made by heating lemon juice, sugar, water, grated lemon peel and butter in a frying pan will boost your immune system, help rehydrate your lymph system and will give you a general energy kick while keeping you warm and toasty.

5. Hot apple cider

Hot apple cider is another fruity beverage to enjoy in the winter months and might remind you of a spicier version of the apple juice your mom gave you as a kid. It’s also full of potassium and vitamin C.

6. Coffee

… of course, and with Berkeley’s numerous cafes and a Peet’s on nearly every block, it’s easy to find the latte, mocha or espresso to warm you up and get a caffeine boost.

7. Fireball

If this doesn’t give you a toasty feeling in your stomach and clear out your sinuses at the same time, we don’t know what will.

Image sources: Nic McPheepengrin™, Ian and mike and meg, Unskinny Boppy, amanda kelso and Mitch Barrie under Creative Commons

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DECEMBER 06, 2013

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