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The 7 people you’re bound to find in the average dysfunctional study group

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DECEMBER 06, 2013

Study groups are great when finals are on the horizon and we need a space to share our knowledge (otherwise known as collectively panic). Those friends you made in class might seem like the perfect group to study with, but when you finally get together to work, you’ll find each group has its own set of characters:

The person who spends more time complaining about studying than actually studying


This person loves to hate finals. You’ll usually find him saying one of the following things:

“Omg, this is so boring.”
“This is so hard.”
“I’m gonna fail.”
“Can we just cry instead?”

Somehow making you seem like the most motivated person in the world, this person just “can’t” with finals, and he won’t keep that a secret.

The distraction


Have you ever had a friend whom you know you can’t study with because she can’t help but distract you? Conveniently managing to steer the discussion away from the subject and onto the cute cats of Tumblr, the distracting person usually has an attention span of about 10 minutes and makes for hilarious (and unproductive) entertainment.

The person who’s there, but not really there


More preoccupied with checking his Facebook page than engaging in discussion, this person spends the whole study session on his laptop in a failed attempt to look studious.

The person who seems to know everything


There’s always that person who makes you wonder why she’s actually in the study group when it doesn’t seem as if she needs to study in the first place. You need her because she is the fountain of knowledge for the group. She has the answers to most, if not all, the questions, but she also does a great job of reminding you how much you don’t know.

The person who seems to know nothing


This is the person who usually replies to everything with “what?” and “huh?” With scattered notes and an air of desperation, the person who knows nothing is usually urging the “distraction” to be quiet because “I’m literally so screwed!”

The person who clearly gets no sleep


Finals season has clearly taken its toll on this member. Whether he’s slumped over a desk with his hood up or looking around the group with glazed eyes that scream “I’ve only had two hours of sleep,” this person makes us tired just looking at him.

The person who you never knew was in your class until now


Enough said.

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DECEMBER 06, 2013

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