The Daily Clog presents: the best of AnonCon Fall 2013

If you planned on getting any work done in the next hour, we’re sorry, because we’re here to inform you that AnonCon Fall 2013 opened Friday night.

The LiveJournal page — we know, it’s crazy that LiveJournal still exists — allows students to write confessions anonymously, make requests for hookups or start other discussions. The page will stay open throughout dead week and finals.

If it follows the same trend of past years, the page will generate more than 10,000 comments in the next two weeks. Some are trolls seeking to enrage or annoy, but many students turn to the anonymous confession page with legitimate requests and comments.

The “ucb_anoncon” LiveJournal page began in May 2008, but the tradition of posting anonymous Cal confessions has long been around. In the past few years, it has exploded. In the last year alone, more than 30,000 comments have been made during the various two-week periods.

Since 2008, the forum has received more than 158,000 comments.

Maybe it’s the quickness of which it appears and disappears in our lives that gives AnonCon its special place in the hearts of UC Berkeley students. Or maybe students simply want to believe that every hookup request gets answered by the many sexually deprived students. All we know is that the comments range from absurd — think people soliciting hot pictures, talking about hot GSIs or making requests for Adderall — to nice (such as students delivering cookies, cough drops and other treats around campus).

AnonCon’s popularity speaks to UC Berkeley students’ need to have an outlet to share their thoughts on classes, hookups and life. The page also becomes a destination where students can discuss major campus events that happen during dead week and finals. For example, when the anonymous UC Berkeley Compliments moderator was said to have committed suicide in fall 2012, AnonCon became the top place for discussing the news.

Mostly, though, it’s a place for students to feel like they are a part of a community that is struggling with the same simple fact: Finals are here.

To help get you excited for the daily updates, we’ve curated some of the best posts from the first few days. At the end of AnonCon, The Daily Clog will present the “Best of AnonCon Fall 2013” awards. But really, the whole thing is the best.

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