Thirteen types of people in every study group

We have reached that frightful time when finals are looming on the horizon: dead week. So naturally, we’re beginning to seek out people who are willing to form a study group. After all, misery loves company. Reviewing the material together and pooling our resources make studying just a bit easier. Here are 13 types of people that you might have the fortune, or misfortune, of studying with.

1) The Latecomer


udt007us/Flickr Creative Commons

This person will walk in an hour after the group has started working, and you’ll end up having to explain everything he’s missed.

2) Your Hero


Steven S./Flickr Creative Commons

She is the only one who has mastered the material throughout the semester. The others will wonder why she even needs a study group, but they aren’t complaining. This person often says, “It’s OK; explaining will help me review too.”

3) The Lazy Boy


NinJA999/Creative Commons 

He will provide no help whatsoever throughout the study session. At least you’re doing more than that guy.

4) The Food-Bringer

Sam Howzit/Creative Commons

There’s always that one person who brings a bunch of food and doesn’t share. Rude.

5) The Texter

Intel Free Press/Creative Common

It’s probably difficult to get anything out of this person because you’ll mostly likely be talking to the back of his phone.

6) Group Leader

Saad Faruque/Creative Commons

This is the person who always takes initiative. It is necessary for her to keep everyone on track.

7) The Complainer


Patricia H./Creative Commons

About every 30 minutes, you’ll hear, “Why do we even need to know this stuff? Why is there so much material? Why didn’t we get a study guide for all of this?”

8) The hidden gem

McQuinn/Creative Commons

This person is the one who keeps to herself in the corner but actually knows what’s going on. When your hero is occupied, turn to the hidden gem.

9) The One You Can’t Help But Roll Your Eyes At


English106/Creative Commons

You haven’t gotten good night’s sleep in what seems like a lifetime, but Ms. Happy over there seems completely unfazed by finals. You don’t know if you should appreciate her enthusiasm or bang your head on the desk whenever she opens her mouth.

10) The Confused One


CollegeDegrees360/Creative Commons

This person obviously doesn’t know what’s going on — you might as well be speaking Elvish when you ask him a question about the material. Hopefully this isn’t you.

11) The Panicker

Wonderlane/Creative Commons.

We completely understand you, Panicker. Once the sleepless nights hit you, mental breakdowns become increasingly more common as your finals come closer. Don’t fret; you’re probably better prepared than you think.

12) The Unfocused

We respectfully dissent to this opinion.

Quinn Dombrowski/Creative Commons

Every time you look up from your computer or notes, this person is either doodling, watching Vines or taking an Instagram picture of the group, captioning it, “Study party!”

13) The One Like You


Robert E. Kennedy/creative commons

Then there’s that person who’s just there to try to get some quality review in before the exam.