The three most important tech devices to survive dead week

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Some people say that technology is a distraction, but these people probably aren’t thinking hard enough. Here are the goodies we won’t be caught without this dead week:

Electric Blanket

You’re going to be plastered to the front of your computer or your text books for days during dead week (well, assuming you aren’t trying to drink the week. That works too.) You might as well do it in comfort and style, right? Even if all you do is sit around on your ass during dead week … at least the ass you’ll be sitting on will be nice and warm.

Google Calender + Your Phone

Got a bunch of crap to get done? Get in line. But there are a few ways to bring order to the madness. Making schedules really helps you stay focused and on point. With Google Calendar, your phone will even buzz and tell you to move on to your next activity, so you don’t miss a single review session. Or party. We won’t ask where you’re going.

Need to ingest copious amounts of information because you were out when you should have been studying (see last two sentences above)? Never fear. This nifty site gives you the ability to make your own flashcards. Because flashcards are a gift from God. Even if you were more responsible with your study schedule, this is a priceless asset to have, especially when there seems to be more terms to memorize than there are words in the English language. Looking at you, MCB students.


Even if you bomb your finals, it’s nice to be reminded that at least your grades mean something … unlike at a certain other school.

Image Sources: Sean McEntee under Creative Commons

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