The Clog’s guide to the best holiday tech gifts

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It’s that time of year again when people around the globe forget their usually selfless natures (ahem) and be greedy for a month. So we present to you the best holiday tech gifts of this season. They’ll make a great gift for anyone — maybe even yourself. OK, let’s be honest … mainly for yourself. It’s going to be a cold, cold Christmas.

Sony PlayStation 4

Whether it’s for the dorm or the home, Sony’s new video game system has been a runaway success from its launch. Despite only launching in November, Sony has already sold more than 2 million of these bad boys. The secret? Really good games and  somewhat affordable price: $400 lands you a next-generation system.  That’s $100 cheaper than PS4’s main rival, the Xbox One. There are already lots of solid games to play as well, which (like the price) isn’t typical for a newly launched video game system. Just don’t blame us if you lose your social life or end up on academic probation …

Motorola G

It’s a phone. It’s good. It’s quad core. It’s $180 off contract. Need we say more? For a student still carrying around an old phone because he or she refuses to pay an exorbitant upgrade fee, the Moto G is an angel sent from above. A really, really affordable angel.

Cheap never looked so gooood.

Cheap never looked so gooood.

USB 3.0 thumb drive

You may have noticed recently that a lot of new computers have blue USB ports. Computer makers aren’t adopting a smurf color scheme — these are USB 3.0 ports, and they’re magic because they copy files at lightning-fast speeds. The only thing is, you need a USB 3.0 flashdrive to match that USB 3.0 port. So give one to your friends, and make it so they never have to look at a loading bar again. Ever.

Amazon gift card

Unoriginal? Not sure what to buy? Did your customized underwear gift from last year not go over so well? Then go the safe route, and let your special someone chose what he or she wants to buy. Remember, kids: If it’s not on Amazon, it probably isn’t from this planet.

Bonus: Electrocuted fly swatter

Yes, this is a thing. It’s amazing what the human race can accomplish when we really apply ourselves.

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