Taylor Swift turns 24 — and 5 other things we missed because of Beyonce's new album

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DECEMBER 14, 2013

The world went crazy over Beyonce’s surprise album release late Thursday night. The Internet basically had a major freakout when the star released her album on iTunes without press coverage, previews or news. Needless to say, EVERYONE is talking about it, so much that we all seem to have forgotten that other things have actually been happening in the world, too. Need some reminding? As always, The Daily Clog is here to help:

Taylor Swift had a birthday


Poor Taylor Swift. First, Kanye takes away your shine and tells you Beyonce had the best video of all time. Now, it’s your birthday and Beyonce takes the limelight by releasing an epic album on the very day you were born. Can you say #awkward? Whatever, T-Swift was able to hang out with Lorde, so we’re not totally feeling sorry for her.

“Scandal” season finale happened


Luckily for the producers of “Scandal,” “Beyonce” was released after the finale aired. But as soon as it arrived, it seemed as though the finale had never aired in the first place! The craze around Beyonce’s new album meant it was goodbye, Olivia Pope and hello, Queen Bey. Does anyone even remember what happened in the finale?

Disney announced a new film


Did you know that the Disney Channel is producing a film called “Descendants,” which features the teenage children of our favorite supervillains? Neither did we! The film will be directed by Kenny Ortega — the same guy behind “High School Musical” — and will include the kids of villains such as Cruella de Vil, Jafar and the Evil Queen from “Snow White.” Not only this, but other characters’ kids are said to be in it too, including Sleeping Beauty’s, Mulan’s and Rapunzel’s.

Prince Harry randomly ended up in the South Pole


OK, so it’s not that random, but Prince Harry has been taking part in the Walking With the Wounded charity expedition, and he was reported to have arrived in the South Pole on Friday. He and his team traveled 335 km to reach their destination and arrived four days early. Another reason to love Prince Harry? We think so.

A man caught a great white shark in Southern California


While fans around the globe were busting a move to Beyonce’s new album, a man in Southern California got the surprise of his life after reeling in a 9-foot-6 great white shark while fishing at Camp Pendleton. We think it’s quite possible that the shark may have heard about the new release and was just as eager to get involved in the madness as everybody else.

Dead week came to a close


In the midst of all the chaos, dead week has come to an abrupt close, pretty much disappearing before our eyes. Unfortunately, that means that when the dust settles and the world finally stops screaming about Beyonce, we will have to come to terms with the reality of finals. NOOOO!

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