During finals week, this library actually has seats

Haley Talbot/Staff

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Finals week is a time of stress, exams and too much caffeine. On top of that, you go to the library thinking that for once, you’re going to find a ton of empty tables and get ‘er done. But every semester, it’s the same old story: You spiral down into Main Stacks only to find that all the seats are occupied (or bought on Craigslist) by 10 a.m.

Although finals week has already started, Main Stacks seems completely clogged (and you’re thinking you’re completely f … ortunate!). So give up finding a seat in there. Tiptoe around while you try to find books for that research paper that’s due. Then walk out with your head held high, because seriously, Main Stacks is just way too #mainstream.

Over in Tolman Hall, the Education Psychology Library is a specialized library for the psychology department and the Graduate School of Education. So if you need the latest bio journal or a poetry book, you’ll have to bear the craziness of Moffitt or Doe anyway. But just think about it: You could hit the Stacks, check out your books for the day and head over to one of the specialized libraries to actually get work done.

Ed-Psych Library

Because no one seems to go there. #literally

Ed-Psych Library

It’s a hike across campus for Cal students who live on Southside, but the Ed-Psych library might be worth it. Check out all these seats. Check out all this space. Check out all these windows where you can watch all that life go on without you …

Ed-Psych Library

This is definitely a smaller library. It won’t give you #feels like the inspirational museum of Doe or the hub of collective anxiety that is Moffitt. And for some reason, we never hear anyone say they’re going to Ed-Psych.

But that’s the most exciting thing someone can hear when people just want to spend a romantic afternoon alone with their research papers.

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