Don’t panic — there’s still time to be responsible

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Before you start freaking out about all the days you’ve wasted over break, stop and take a deep breath. It’s OK. Sure, it was probably a bad idea to spend eight hours a day Netflixing instead of writing those cover letters or working on your killer bod for spring break, but there’s still time! Just because break is coming to a close doesn’t mean you should quit on your goals.

You can still write those cover letters


It wasn’t very appealing to sit down and write these suckers over break, and it still won’t be appealing to do them during the school year, but at least you’ll be in the “academic zone.” We won’t lie to you, you will still be surrounded by distractions that are more enticing than applying for internships. If it makes you feel better, you could take a break from writing your 12-page papers and write a cover letter instead!

You can still workout


The RSF is right there. You still have your running shoes. As Nike constantly reminds us, just do it. You’ll feel better and it’ll help sharpen your mind for all those midterms coming up.

You can still read


Just because second semester is about to start doesn’t mean you need to put down those J.R.R. Tolkien novels. You can certainly spend an hour of your procrastination time by catching up on what the Bilbo Baggins is doing.

You can still work on your hobby


Hobbies shouldn’t be seasonal. Find time during the school year to let your creative spirits soar, whether that involves painting, playing an instrument or writing — you can still do it.

And yes. You can still watch Netflix.


Warning: though Netflix is allowed, it should be used in moderation during the school year. Just keep thinking about that tuition you’re spending.

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