What was your winter break personality?

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The last days of winter break are upon us. Soon we’ll all be back in Berkeley and in a few weeks it’ll be like nothing’s changed. In a blink of an eye, midterms will be upon you. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself sitting in a room taking a final, one seat between you and the next sorry test-taker, and you’ll be reminded of the glorious days of winter break. But what will you remember?

Everyone’s got what we at the Clog like to refer to as a “Winter Break Personality.” If you frequently pull all-nighters, you might’ve become “The Snoozer.” If your mom’s a great cook, you might’ve become “The Please Don’t Send Me Back to Crossroads.” Either way, we figure that the best time for reflection is now. “But I don’t know what my winter alter-ego is,” you say. Well, to help you find out what your winter break personality was, we’ve made a flowchart for you. “But why does it matter?” you ask. Because it’s fun. Here’s the flowchart:


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