Macarons and hot chocolate at Tout Sweet Patisserie

Annie Chang/Staff

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Tucked into the third floor of Macy’s department store in Union Square is the delicious Tout Sweet Patisserie. Started by pastry chef Yigit Pura and the owners of Taste Catering and Event Planning, the shop offers pastry selections ranging from French macarons to layered parfaits and packaged gifts. The store aims for what they call an “authentic French ambiance with a clean and modern California perspective” (from the Tout Sweet Patisserie website), placing dessert sauces, jams, curds, marmalades and other small treats along the shelves of the store. White, modern tables and chairs are placed throughout the store to encourage the European feel of community dining and customer interaction found throughout the cafes, bistros and patisseries of Europe. The symbol of the pastry shop is the rose because of Pura’s self-proclaimed “fascination with Japanese minimalism coupled with a love of floral flavors.” The delicate, modern and floral design of the shop is reflected in its pastries, which tie everything together.Displaying 20131129_031156.jpg

Arriving at the store, we picked up some macarons and the hazelnut-crumb brioche bread pudding. The bread pudding was made with vanilla bean and cinnamon Ceylon custard laced with caramel. This bread pudding was more elegant than some others because there were not chunks of bread; everything was smooth. The bread pudding was moist and soft with a slight chewiness without being overly sweet. The texture was especially smooth and dense, and there was a distinct eggy taste. The hazelnuts provided a crunchy texture to counter the smoothness of the bread pudding, and the top was laced with ribbons of caramel.

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We bought three flavors of macarons: pearl jasmine, apricot and St. Germain and raspberry and wu long tea. Because we indulge in macarons often, we knew that the textures of these macarons were comparable to the best macarons we have eaten. They were perfectly chewy without being too thin or too thick. The inner layer of the macaron between the top and filling was a little bit moist, which helped make the macaron chewy. The top was slightly crispy, which countered and worked with the softer inside. The macaron colors were wonderfully bright, being golden yellow, purple and hot pink and pink with light sparkles. Macarons with delicious flavors, great visual aspect and excellent texture are difficult to come by, and these go above and beyond.

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There are many treats and desserts to choose from at Tout Sweet Patisserie, as well as drinks, such as Valhrona hot chocolate and the classic latte. The shop also offers breakfast and lunch with ingredients fresh from the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market. Because of the large selection, the store provides lots with which to walk away delightfully.

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