Here is a list of free food this week

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College students love food. Actually, what we really, truly adore is food that is free. Luckily, college is one of those times when we can drop in on tons of events hosted by Cal’s student organizations and leave with some sort of edible reward. We know our way around the college club scene and have found a ton of events you should check out.

Sure, rush is a great time to meet a ton of new people who might become your family away from home, but more importantly for us, spring recruitment is a great time to take advantage of social events that serve us legit meals.

Now go on and get over to these — we have some food to eat.

Wednesday, Jan. 22: Hillel weekly dinner

Thursday, Jan. 23: BBQ Chicken on the Roof, 5 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 24: Christians on Campus welcome dinner

Monday, Jan. 27: In-N-Out and Cigars

Tuesday, Jan. 28: Breakfast at Theta’s

Tuesday, Jan. 28: Dessert night

Friday, Jan. 31: A delicious dinner

What other events do you know of? Let us know in the comments below.

Bonus food during the semester:

Enter Circle K’s raffle for free boba. Berkeley loves boba.

Berkeley Connect is expanding to other departments. Let’s be honest — If it’s anything like the English department’s program, we’ll get a unit of academic credit and snacks at a meeting once every other week that is right around college students’ dinner time.

Your random between-meal snack: The Berkeley Student Food Collective draws you into its shop by advertising free samples. They were giving out olives the other day … for olive your snack cravings.

(Pre) dinner: Drop in on the Cal Cooking Club! The club hosts three general meetings every semester where they host chefs from various restaurants. Stop in for some free samples the club is promising us.


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