UC Berkeley is one of most interesting places to go to school, duh

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You already knew this, but the Huffington Post officially announced it.  The online news source and blog recently posted an article on the so-called “most interesting places to go to school” — and, of course, UC Berkeley made the list.


As the list is “not ranked in any order and is entirely subjective,” however, it seems to us that it is a mere click-bait article from Huff Post. And we guess it worked — the post gathered more than 5,500 Facebook shares and about 500 tweets.

The range of schools was expansive. Along with 18 other schools from all over the country, ranging from big schools to small and art schools to Ivies, UC Berkeley apparently has one of the most “interesting” college experiences available. 

Didn't we already know that?

Trust us; we see it every day.

Huff Post touted our history, elite world-class reputation, beautiful location on the Bay and (usually) competitive sports teams as both explanations for and reflections of our fascinating student body. And we can’t say we disagree. We love going to UC Berkeley for exactly these reasons, for we know that Oakland and San Francisco are just a BART ride away and that a basketball game is within walking distance. And don’t forget about our killer history of free speech — plus one for us. 


Our ridiculously interesting college experience could stem from the characters in the town of Berkeley itself (#Telegraph), our fellow students (seen simply by trying to get through Sproul Plaza at noon) or maybe even professors and faculty.  The truth is, you can’t put your finger on one thing that makes Cal the place we love. Guess that’s what makes it so interesting.

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