Get fired up about Tinder in Berkeley

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Do you have one? Are you embarrassed to tell other people that you have one? (Same.) In case you missed it, Tinder is a “dating” app on Android and iOS that involves swiping through photos of people in your area and “Liking” or “Nope”-ing them anonymously. If two people “Like” each other, they get matched up.

At first, Tinder might seem like a superficial application … and for the most part, it is. After all, you’re approving or disapproving of people based on five photos they choose themselves. And for many of you, you chose to download the app ironically … and ended up spending hours at a time on it because either a) you found it entertaining, b) it boosted your confidence or c) you just really enjoyed competing with your friends to create the best creepy Tinder conversation.

And for those of you who have not yet experienced this whole new world, here are a couple of things you can get fired up about if you decide to enter the steamy realms of Tinder:


Running into your Tinder matches on campus. So you’re casually going to your first class of the semester, and who is the first person you see when you walk into your discussion? A Tinder match. That’s right. Commence awkward staring. You’ve never talked, but you both secretly know you’re attracted to each other.


Having a GSI pop up. Depending on how you feel about said GSI, this experience may be really awesome. Or not. Although your GSI will probably swipe left — seeing as it’s unprofessional (in a forbidden, sexy way) for your GSI to swipe right — you can always swipe right too just to see what happens! It’s anonymous, so why not? Well, seeing as this advice is probably not the most appropriate advice to give you we’re just going to stop talking now …

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Having your best “worst Tinder conversation.” Some creep just messaged a really lame pick-up line about Tennessee or breaking ice or something, and you decided to respond by insisting that you be in a relationship with each other even though you just got matched and that you’re a really dedicated person and that you could potentially see yourselves living together within the next month or so, just to freak him or her out. You get no response as you successfully scared the creep away, and it turns out that this so-called creep sits right next to you in your MWF 9 a.m. discussions … Great. Good luck getting help from him or her on your next assignment.


Seeing your ex. This experience usually leads one to have a good ol’ WTF moment. Your decision to swipe left or right mostly depends on whether you have a wave-when-you-see-each-other-on-Sproul relationship or an avoid-eye-contact-at-all-costs one. If you have the former, go ahead and swipe right, so you guys can have a good laugh about it. But if your relationship is not of that nature, you probably should go ahead and click that little red X on your ex.


Everyone works in the tech industry. We’re in the Bay Area. What did you expect? As you swipe through the multitudes of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on Tinder, don’t be surprised when you see pictures of people on colorful bikes riding around the Google campus and profile descriptions written in code. It is a nerdy life we lead here in the Bay Area, but we like it.

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