Attention all spring admits. Here's what to expect.

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JANUARY 24, 2014

Attention all spring admits: Welcome, and be prepared for the whirlwind of weirdness that accompanies going to school here. We’ve cultivated some of our favorite advice and things you should expect during your first few weeks here at Cal:

Passionate students

leave me alone

Students at Cal are extremely passionate about the causes they represent/just learned about that day in class. As a result, you might be bombarded with flyers while walking down Sproul. If you’re the type of person who hates learning about new organizations, we advise you to put your headphones in and do your best to avoid the massive group of flyer-pushers. Here are more tips to avoid Sproul.

Free daily entertainment


Sproul isn’t all bad though. The central location provides an open space for anyone who wants to express himself. In the past, we have had unicyclists, skateboarders, singers, yoga enthusiasts, nunchuck masters and swordsmen. We can’t wait to find out what the spring 2014 semester will bring to Sproul.

Squirrel enthusiasts


These furry little creatures are near and dear to many students’ hearts, and it’s not unusual to see people taking pictures, chasing or even attempting to pet these squirrels. Go ahead, try it for yourself. No one will judge.



Our streets may not be the safest to ride on, but students have important places to be, and time is precious. Yes, we’ve even seen a professor speed past you on his skateboard.

Street vendors


Do you ever dread the walk home? Maybe the vendors that line the streets (Telegraph Avenue especially) will cheer you up. Some of their items — while unique — are overpriced, but if you’re feeling extra authentic, why not grab a beanie or some incense?

Professional nappers


Other students choose to deal with the stress of their 8 a.m. class by taking a nap on Sproul or Memorial Glade. This isn’t unusual. In fact, we would recommend it.

The need for cash


If you’ve lived a plastic life before you came to Berkeley, the switch to cash might be a bit daunting. Unfortunately, some of the best restaurants around Berkeley only accept cash. Just look at it as an incentive to buy a classier wallet.

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JANUARY 23, 2014

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