How to continue to be distracted in class without a cell phone or computer

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JANUARY 24, 2014

Deep down, we’re all excited to be back, but sometimes the “school” part of school just isn’t appealing. It doesn’t matter if the professor has a zero-tolerance policy on cell phones or computers — we still manage to get distracted. Here are few ways we’ve gotten away with looking like we’re paying attention when we might as well be in Narnia.

Staring at the cute guy/girl in front of you


Do you ever find yourself struggling to resist the urge of pulling a Joey Tribbiani and yelling out a big fat “How you doin’?” to that beautiful creature in front of you? Sometimes it might seem like a good idea to get up mid-lecture and congratulate them on their DNA, but trust us — it isn’t worth the humiliation. Even though we don’t advocate getting distracted during lecture, daydreaming about your wedding with “the one” (that you just saw for the first time a few seconds ago) is a great way to pass the time.

Imagining what your professor was like in college


You know what you’re like in college. You know what other students are like in college. A lot of those images involve alcohol and hangovers. Ever wonder what your professor was like in college? There are a few teachers we refuse to believe ever left the library or their dorm. They could tell us that they were next Jimi Hendrix back in the day, and we’d refuse to believe them. Some things should remain sacred, but it’s always fun to think about.

How many times does that one kid ask a question

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There will ALWAYS be that one student who lives by the statement “there are no stupid questions.” Yet, when we’re cranky and forced to sit in a two-hour lecture, we like to think that there are. When the lecture isn’t doing it for you, rolling your eyes every time that kid raises his hand is usually pretty entertaining.

Counting the professors’ steps


This one takes a lot of dedication and mathematical ability. Professors know lectures are more engaging if they walk around, but do you ever notice their pattern? They usually go slightly to the left, then do a slight right, stand in the same spot for a few minutes and repeat. Sadly, when you’re in the middle of your ESPM lecture, these nuances are more entertaining than the notes in front of you.

The architecture 


It’s sad how little attention the beautiful buildings we sit in receive. Sometimes staring at those high ceilings are more entertaining than staring at a PowerPoint.

Image Sources: hackNY under Creative Commons, disneyndreamcatchers, manjulvr, xgermancupcakexhipster-vegeta and whatshouldwecallarchitecture

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JANUARY 26, 2014

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