Art a la Carte: food, cars and games!

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Art a la Carte is back this week to compile the best visual art on the Internet.

1. “Nationalism with a dash of flavor” would be the best way to describe this promotion for the Sydney International Food Festival: national flags made from each country’s traditional foods.

2. Keep clicking on the pixelated images (done by digital artist Duncan Graham) until you can recognize the famous artistic masterpieces.

3. Shot by photographer Alejandro Cartagena, “Car Poolers” visually tells the story of Mexican laborers by peeking into the back of their pickup trucks.

4. And speaking of cars, check out this video of San Diego traffic reorganized by car color.

5. Samantha French keeps it fresh with her oil paintings of underwater swimmers.

Addy Bhasin covers visual art. Contact her at [email protected]