Should you get Google’s latest creation for your apartment?

Google probably owns half the world at this point (its servers, at any rate, probably hold half of the Internet). So naturally, when new inventions fly out of the Googleplex, people tend to pay attention … unlike with products such as Microsoft’s Zune. The newest creation from the company that pioneered Internet search (or at least search that doesn’t suck — sorry, Bing) is the Chromecast: a little device that plugs into your TV and lets you stream any video you’re watching on your phone to the big screen. Sounds great, right? It would be perfect for all of those nights spent procrastinating before a final or midterm (don’t lie to us that you don’t; we know better). But people have been tricked into buying crap that nobody needs many times before  — it’s almost an integral part of being a consumer. Here’s how to tell whether the little device is for you.

You’ll actually have time to watch lots of TV:

People seem to overestimate the amount of free time that they actually have. Are you really going to have time to watch an entire season of “Breaking Bad” during the week? And don’t give us that BS about “just one episode” … we’ve been there. If you do, great. We envy you. But if you don’t think such a scenario is realistic for you, then this thing is probably a waste of money.

You really like Internet content:

To clear up a misconception, the Chromecast doesn’t provide you with new television content. The dongle — yes, Google actually refers to it as a dongle — mirrors the stuff you see on your phone or laptop to the TV. In the end, this means the Chromecast only goes as far as the device you pair it with. If you really like YouTube and have a Netflix subscription, it could be a great choice. But if you haven’t really invested that much into Internet TV (such as actually paying for Hulu+ and Netflix) you might find out the Chromecast isn’t as useful as you originally thought.

You like cheap things, but you also like convenience:

This just might be the little guy’s biggest strength. Google seems to be set lately on making things that are both cheap and good: Look only to the Nexus line of phones for proof of that. The Chromecast is only $35, and that’s a steal considering all of the wireless and instant convenience it brings to watching videos on the Internet. For the price of a nice night out (OK, not SUPER nice, but you get us) you could have the privilege of watching “Mean Girls” with the utmost of ease. Let’s be honest: Everybody knows which one would be more fun.

Image source: Google Press Image

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