PSA: The Cal 1 Card is changing — but only a little bit

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Now, we know most college students (including us, we won’t lie) are not very good with change, so we’re very sorry to spring this on you. So here it is, and we’re sorry in advance: The Cal 1 Card we know and love is changing.



But no need to freak out just yet — the changes are not very drastic, and existing cards will function just fine. So far, all cards issued after Jan. 1 will be missing the student’s signature. We can pretty much agree with the stakeholders on this one; they called it “a redundant feature of the original design” in a press release. After all, who uses cursive anymore at all? Our names are already on there in print — a far more legible version than any college student’s attempt at writing in cursive.

Yeah, it will not be a good one.

Yeah, it will not be a good one.

Supposedly, however, this is only the first change of many.  This slight alteration is the beginning of a complete update to the card. Not only will the design be changing more in the future, but so will its technologies. Now, this all-encompassing card is our ticket into the dining halls, our pass to ride the bus, our identification in class and our debit card in many restaurants. So what will be next? We promise to keep you updated.

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