ICYMI: President Obama’s State of the Union Address in about 500 words

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For those of you who missed President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, we’re here to give you the highlights of Obama’s 2014 plan for “a year of action.” From health care to Mad Men (yes, Mad Men), we’ve compiled the most basic overview of the night … in about 500 words.


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Greening America:

Obviously, with the West experiencing the most intense drought on record and the East dealing with the polar vortex, global climate change was a major theme. According to President Obama, “climate change is a fact,” and America has been doing its part to end the madness.

~ Since 2006, the United States has reduced its total carbon pollution more than any other nation.

~ Every four minutes, another American home or business goes solar.

~ President Obama has proposed a business plan to invest $100 billion in new factories that use natural gas.

 Made in the USA:

How often have you looked at a product and seen “Made in China?”  According to President Obama, this is coming to an end, and “business leaders around the world have declared that China is no longer the world’s No. 1 place to invest; America is.”

~ We’re on the road to beat other nations in the next huge high-tech manufacturing wave.

~ The Obama administration has launched two manufacturing hubs partnered with research universities — with six more to come.

~ We’re producing more oil at home than we’re importing from other countries.

 Educate me:

As college students, this topic is very important. We should heed Obama’s advice: “If you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead.” But here’s how he is going to help:

~Already 30 states have raised pre-K funding.

~ The White House has started a College Opportunity Summit, where universities and businesses aim to reduce inequality in the education system.

~ Vice President Joe Biden is leading a training reform, focusing on apprenticeships and upward mobility — even partnering community colleges with companies that can train their future employees “with the skills employers need.”

~Congress is making an effort to reduce education budget cuts and to free more Americans from their student loans. 

“Give America a raise”

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in America were given a raise? Well, that’s not too far-fetched considering President Obama’s executive order to raise the minimum wage of federal contractors to $10.10. And that’s not all!

~ President Obama plans to increase the position of women in the workforce, claiming that the 77 cents that a woman earns for every dollar a man earns is an embarrassment. #girlpower

~ MyRA: his plan for Americans to start their own retirement savings accounts.

~ According to the Affordable Care Act, “no American can ever again be dropped or denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.”



Next week, the world will see our commitment and dedication to equality “when the USA marches the red, white and blue into the Olympic Stadium — and brings home the gold.” ‘Murica.

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