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An easy, 10-step taco recipe

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Spandana Singh/Staff


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FEBRUARY 05, 2014

Everyone loves a good taco.

With dollar tacos easily accessible in Berkeley, we’ve found that the art of making the perfect taco is lost to many students. We have a simple way to make tacos at home — for vegetarians and meat lovers — that takes less than an hour to make.

Although this recipe uses chicken, you can always substitute other forms of meat such as lamb or beef, using the same instructions. And if you’re vegetarian, you can make this same recipe with soy products or textured vegetable products such as Nutrela.

What you’ll need:

photo 1

Boneless chicken (500 grams – 1 lb. for every 2 people)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1/2 tablespoon salt
1/2 teaspoon red chili
1 pack taco shells
1 block of cheddar cheese (pepper jack or mozzarella is also good choices)
1 teaspoon of taco seasoning

Oven or stovetop
Cheese grater
Medium to large-sized cooking pan
Mixing spoon

What to do:

1. Mince the boneless chicken.
2. Take the minced chicken and put it into a pan with one tablespoon of oil drizzled on top.
3. Begin cooking the chicken, mixing it with a spoon.
4. Add half a tablespoon of salt.
5. After cooking and mixing the chicken for two minutes, add half a teaspoon of red chili powder.
6. Add one teaspoon of taco seasoning.
7. Cook and mix the chicken for another five to seven minutes.
8. Fill the taco shells with the cooked chicken.

photo 3

9. Grate the cheddar cheese and sprinkle the grated cheese over the chicken.

photo 4

10. Put the shells into the oven or on the overhead burner until they turn golden brown (it should take around 3 minutes).

photo 3 (1)

Finally, we know some people prefer soft tacos to the hard ones. If you’re making soft tacos, cook the meat separately and then add it to lightly toasted quesadillas.

Making tacos at home does not have to be as tedious and time-consuming of a process as you think. You can use these ten quick and easy steps to make tacos in your dorms or apartments that will rival the down the road taco joints in healthiness and taste.

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FEBRUARY 05, 2014

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