Daily roundup: all of Feb. 6′s need-to-know news from the Daily Cal

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The daily roundup is a collection of the top stories to read from The Daily Californian. We’ve curated need-to-know articles from all sections of the Daily Cal to give you a quick glimpse at our news coverage. 

Top headlines to read:

“While UC Berkeley students have been among the most outspoken advocates for the creation of a new student-majority district, it was community members who stepped up to foot the bill of a campaign seeking to overturn the city’s recently approved controversial district lines.” — Berkeley residents step up to foot the bill of recent referendum campaign

“Seven years after his unit first shipped off to Afghanistan, 26-year-old Mike Drake says he’s still baby-faced.” — Napolitano meets with UC student-veterans to discuss their concerns

“Embodying the values of higher education and “freedom of expression,” UC President Janet Napolitano took flight Wednesday to Sochi, Russia, where she will lead the U.S. presidential delegation at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics on Friday.” — Napolitano to lead delegation at Sochi Winter Olympics

Sports tonight:

“When did this team become so frustrating to watch? For one reason or another, the Cal men’s basketball team keeps coming out slow in games.” — Inconsistency plagues Cal basketball

“In its first tournament of the year, the Cal softball team will head straight into the territory of a Pac-12 powerhouse. But the Bears won’t face No. 7 Arizona State just yet. Instead, this weekend’s trip to Tempe, Ariz., will kick off the preseason with four nonconference matchups.” — Cal softball opens season with tournament in desert

Conversation starters:

“Although the ‘Harry Potter’ book series technically ended in 2007 with ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,’ J.K. Rowling seems to insist on looking back and altering her opinions on what she has already written. What Rowling said this past weekend truly caused a flurry within the Harry Potter fandom, with arguments being thrown across the Internet and friendships being torn apart by the latest revelation Rowling spilled out.” — OP-ED: Dearest Rowling: Nothing short of Amortentia will give us HarrMione

“‘Oh, we can tease,’ said a coy Sarah Rafferty when asked to reveal sneak peeks for the spring return of USA Network’s ‘Suits.'” — New season, new ‘Suits’

“On Wednesday night in Wheeler Auditorium, following a screening of ‘Inequality for All’ — the documentary battling against the unbalanced distribution of wealth in America — there was a Q&A session featuring UC Berkeley professor, former Secretary of Labor and best-selling author Robert Reich, director Jacob Kornbluth and moderator Henry Brady, dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy.” — Q&A reveals the personal side of ‘Inequality for All’

Berkeley on the Web:

“The Berkeley Public Library, after consulting staff and the public, has gone live with a new website at www.berkeleypubliclibrary.org and is seeking feedback on changes that were made to meet changing needs of patrons.” — Berkeley community briefs: Library’s revamped website goes live; assembly woman holding open house at district

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