The results are in: UC Berkeley students are having sex, but how much?

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In a recent hilarious — and mostly accurate and troll-free study — we asked UC Berkeley students what their major was and how much sex they were having to see if any humorous correlations appeared.  While the majority of the respondents had at least one sexual partner, engineering and business majors won the award for most virgins in their departments.

It feels like the minute you arrive at college, you’re supposed to begin a hunt for sexual partners. Coupled with Facebook pages like UC Berkeley Confessions (where the majority of posts describe “getting at” someone or getting laid) and “college culture” making it cool if you wake up from a party on someone else’s bed, it can be hard to believe that not everyone is getting it on. And even while studies continue to tell you our perception of college sexual activity is skewed, assumptions still run rampant. But what does the data actually show?

Of the 732 people that responded to our poll — although we’re sure at least a few students fudged their number — 35 percent have never had sex.

Of the 142 people who responded in the arts and humanities category, 23 percent of them are still virgins. However, 38 percent in this major reported having sex on a weekly basis, while others have either had sex a few times in college (we didn’t count the person who got jerked off by a stripper) or not very often.

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In our business category, 54 people responded to our poll. 33 percent of our business majors have never had sex, while only two people responded with “Every day. Without fail.”

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Out of all the other majors, our engineering majors had the highest percentage of students who have never had sex. Of the 114 people who answered our poll, 53 percent have never had sex. But 10 students — more than any other major — reported having sex “Every day. Without fail.” And we definitely appreciated the 0.877 percent  who said he or she had sex “whenever the lab is unoccupied.” You go, engineers.

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Thirty-three Mathematics majors responded to our poll, and interestingly enough, the number of people (eight) who said they never had sex parallels (pun intended) was the same number of people who said that they have sex every day.

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Check out the rest of the results in the graphs below:


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