11 feelings only UC Berkeley students will understand

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From the dread of losing your Cal 1 Card to missing a Tele-BEARS appointment, there are certain things only Cal students can truly understand. When you graduate, certain experiences will stay with you forever. These will always remind you that you’re a Golden Bear, no matter how many years start to separate you and the campus. We at the Clog have compiled a list our favorite #feels:

1)  The anguish of watching the 51B leave.

Dr Who / David Tennant Rain

Is there anything more sucky than seeing the bus leave right after you sprinted your way across the street to try and make it? #firstworldproblems

2) The frustration of walking all the way to the RSF and seeing all the machines taken.

It’s hard enough to make the effort to go and exercise, but it’s tough when you actually do go and there are no machines available. Nobody got time for that.

3) The sad feeling of going to Crossroads when there’s nothing good on the menu.

It’s not like you want to eat pizza every day, but sometimes Crossroads is just not working out for you.  At least Crossroads offers a variety of cereals for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4) The eventual resignation to all overpriced foods at Cal Dining

I Give Up

No one wants to pay $6.50 for a wrap, but what else can you do? There’s no point in fighting a losing battle.

5) The dread of losing your Cal 1 card


Losing your Cal 1 card is such a hassle, inconvenience and a guarantee for bad feels. You’re just hoping that someone on Facebook posts “Found (insert your name) card.”

6) The overwhelming joy seeing a short line at CREAM.


CREAM is notorious for its super long lines for its delicious cookie-and-ice-cream combo, so when you see the rare moment when there’s not a big line, the excitement is truly real.

7) The determination to get through Sproul without any flyers handed to you

walking (772) Animated Gif on Giphy

Earphones in, straight look, world out. It’s your personal Mission Impossible — the key is to never make eye contact.

8) The “head-to-desk” moment when you see your Tele-BEARS registration appointment time. 

Don’t kill your friend who miraculously got an early Tele-BEARS appointment when you see your own —  though we would understand if you do feel like it.

9) The constant fear of being run over by bike riders.


Not cars. Bikes. It’s a fight for your life sometimes to try and make it across the street without having someone on a bike whiz by so close that you feel like you dodged a bullet.

10) The heart-melt at seeing a squirrel pass by you (until it becomes aggressive for food).

Until it becomes really aggressive for food and you end up like this student.

11) Marveling at some of the beautiful scenery on campus. 

The UC Berkeley campus has some great-looking buildings and scenery that will have you whipping out your phone and proceeding to Instagram a picture with the caption, “I love my school. #berkeley #myschoolisbetterthanyours.”

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