National Condom Week begins Monday

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The 36th annual National Condom Week starts Monday, only a few days before National Condom Day, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, the Clog is here to fill you in on the origins of the week-long celebration (hint: it started at Berkeley) and some interesting facts you may not know about your rubber friend.

In 1978, Berkeley students came up with the idea to promote safe sex and STD awareness. With slogans we can get behind, such as “Don’t be silly, protect your willy” and “When in doubt, shroud your spout,” National Condom Week is now a nationwide effort to educate young adults on the risks of unprotected sex. But basically, we know this is really just an excuse to stock up on free condoms, especially because we’re sure yours have probably expired. And if you’re on Sproul at the right time, you might even see someone dressed up like a condom, some lube or possibly a penis. Get excited!

Festivities will be hosted by the Tang Center throughout the week. It’s nice to know that our health center cares about us. On the schedule are Hot-DAMn Monday, Insert-It Tuesday, Wear-One Wednesday and All-of-the-Above Thursday.


And now, we at the Clog present to you, eight fun facts about condoms that you can bring into everyday conversation this week! Impress your friends with your vast knowledge of condom trivia.

1. Egyptian paintings show that the condom was used as far back as 950 B.C.E.

2. The oldest surviving reusable condom in the world, from 1640, is on display in an Austrian museum

3. Modern rubber condoms were created back in 1855

4. Eighty-seven condoms are used every second in America on Valentine’s Day

5. The average condom can hold as much as four quarts of liquid (without anything else inside)

6. The word “scumbag” means condom

7. The world’s largest condom ever was 260 feet tall and 330 feet in circumference

8. The Danish word for condom is “svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel”

Image Sources: robertelyov

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