Daily roundup: all of Feb. 11′s need-to-know news from the Daily Cal

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The daily roundup is a collection of the top stories to read from The Daily Californian. We’ve curated need-to-know articles from all sections of the Daily Cal to give you a quick glimpse at our news coverage. 

Top headlines to read:

“Joining the worldwide movement to encourage socially responsible fiscal policies, the UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly voted Thursday to eschew its future investments in fossil fuel-related companies.” — Graduate Assembly votes in support of fossil fuel divestment

“On Thursday, UC President Janet Napolitano will set foot on the UC Berkeley campus, her 10th and final stop of a UC campus listening tour that began more than four months ago.” — Napolitano to visit UC Berkeley on Thursday to conclude UC system tour

“A man who was often seen on the streets in Downtown Berkeley was found unresponsive Thursday with no indication of foul play.” — Man reported to be homeless found dead outside Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Downtown Berkeley

Sports tonight:

“Cal rugby is already known for its success, and on Tuesday, head coach Jack Clark was named to the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame. He will be inducted on June 7 in Houston.” — Cal rugby coach Jack Clark named to U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame

“To Afure Jemerigbe’s mother, crying is a sign of weakness.” — Family Business: Afure Jemerigbe embraces being her sister’s mentor on and off the court


“New characters in the Marvel and DC Comics universes almost always have the odds stacked against them, contending with the likes of Superman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Captain America and so on. These are characters with decades of stories and fan bases which major comic book companies rely on for sales but whose rehashed exploits have become stale.” — Marvel unmasks diverse superhero

“A creature of the night, Oakland-based street artist Nite Owl has embraced the dark hours to give the gift of color to the citizens of the city. With spray can in hand, the artist brings life to the blank slate of our streets and the interior of galleries across the East Bay, namely Loakal and Chopsticks Urban Art Space. His iconic tag of a vibrantly painted owl distinctly markthe work of this artistic do-gooder.” — Nite Owl on spraying streets that screech with color

“Tipping points are a fact of life. They can be total surprises, such as bombing that final or discovering that inspirational teacher. Or they can be events you anticipate intellectually but still throw you when they actually happen, such as a child’s birth or a loved one’s death. Either way, you cross a threshold into a new normal.” — OP-ED: Environmental destruction requires concerted action

Berkeley on the Web:

“The little girl screamed as the alien-looking creature slowly crawled up her arm. The insect’s handler quickly grabbed the stick bug before the 5-year-old could reflexively crush it, setting it instead on the arm of a little boy standing nearby.” — Taking the Kids: Science center infested with giant bugs

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