Celebrating Valentine’s Day the single way

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For everyone in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate. But why can’t it be the same way for single people? Don’t feel bitter about not having a significant other — celebrate that you don’t have a ball and chain weighing you down!

Watch the season 2 premiere of “House of Cards”

Ride solo with a solo cup


Go out! Have fun! Dance with 50 people if you want to. You have nothing holding you back. One of the best things about being single is the freedom to do whatever (or whomever) you want. Enjoy it before you find someone to tie you down again.

Look at your bank account and smile ’cause you don’t have to spend money


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the $100 in our bank accounts will still be there tomorrow because we don’t have to spend money on an expensive dinner, flowers and a teddy bear. Other people may be kissing in the rain, but we’re completely comfortable making it rain cash money.

Have a personal day and do the things you’ve always wanted to


Pull a Ferris Bueller. Go do random things because you can. Want to watch Frozen and bawl your eyes out without feeling judged? Go for it! Want to sit in your pajamas and watch Bravo all day? The world is your oyster. Enjoy it.

Get a Tinder if you’re really desperate


We’re not bagging on online dating, but if you feel like you NEED to have a Valentine, might as well give it a shot. The guy you meet will probably be better than your ex anyway.

Pretend you have a date


Just because you don’t have a Valentine doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t think you do. After all, Instagram never lies, right?

Stock up on candy


The real reason Valentine’s Day should be celebrated is the candy. The stomach is the key to the heart, and discounted candy makes our hearts feel very warm.

Jam out to Single Ladies

single ladies

Be single and be proud. You’re not lonely — you choose to be alone. Beyonce had the right idea.

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