A Valentine’s Day lesson from “Flappy Bird”

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Sometimes you don’t realize how much you love something until it’s gone. This Valentine’s Day lesson comes from the quick demise of “Flappy Bird,” the hit mobile game.

“Flappy Bird” — brainchild of Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen — set the mobile world ablaze with a fiery temper after its meteoric rise to stardom early this year. It’s an easy game to grasp: The player must guide a bird through an obstacle-ridden course by tapping to keep it flapping, earning one point for each pipe avoided. Since its initial debut in May, the fairly simple game has been widely criticized for its similarity to other flash games and ridiculed as frustrating.

Nguyen created something so emotionally trying yet so inexplicably addictive that it couldn’t last.

On Feb. 8, Dong announced on Twitter that Flappy Bird would be removed from the App store. He stated he “cannot take this anymore.” There’s no denying we loved — and at the same time, hated — our two-month fling with the pixelated bird.

But wait, that’s it? After the hours-turned-days poured into this monster of an app, the seemingly eternal sound of flapping and the aggravating “ding” of failure, users are expecting at least some sort of resolution — a relationship shouldn’t just end abruptly in an untimely fashion, and now that it has, we’re really missing the bird we hated but cared about so much.

Fortunately, now there’s something else to get our minds off that bird who just left us to cry and spend Valentine’s Day alone, and it’s not a silly rebound bee, plane or doge. Soaring straight into the crushing jaws of our Flappy-induced suffering, Squishy Bird is here to give us closure-hungry UC Berkeley students that much-needed end to our flapping. This time around, the Mario pipes clamp shut on the Flappy clones, and you rake in points by crushing as many of those mutha-flappas as possible.

So have at it. You’ve had your ups and downs with that bird, and now it’s time to let go. Take back the joy of Valentine’s Day with Squishy, but let this be a reminder of how much you loved Flappy and how nothing can ever replace what you two used to have.

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