We want more free TV

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Congratulations! you’ve finally managed to carve out 45 minutes to spend some quality time with your laptop. You’ve successfully finished reading the 80 pages assigned by your political science professor or hellish problem set. It’s time for a reward; too bad Hulu and Netflix haven’t put up the new episode of “Game of Thrones” yet.

While we thank the television gods for creating websites like Hulu and Netflix, it could be frustrating to have to wait a week (sometimes even months) for new content to be added onto the sites. College students don’t always have time to keep up with the Kardashians, but when we do, we’d like to have the show at our fingertips, and by getting Philo (previously known as Tivli), we might be able to.

A few of the Ivy League schools (including Stanfurd) have already caught wind of the new startup that partners with cable companies to provide students with free access to new movies and shows. Philo utilizes the fact that students don’t want to actually pay for TV and that the universities usually have existing cord-in-the-wall cable systems to provide a budget-friendly way of staying updated. This means that the school pays for the service, instead of individual students paying for cable or illegally streaming the content. The hope is that students who graduate will be so used to (maybe even addicted to) cable that they’ll be willing to pay for it in the “real world,” providing a greater audience for companies. Though this hope might be a bit unrealistic, we don’t hear students complaining about free cable. In fact, it’s a concept UC Berkeley should consider adopting.

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