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Ashley Wagner's mad, the Olympic rings failed and other highlights from the 2014 Winter Olympics

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FEBRUARY 14, 2014

We know college students don’t always have the time to watch the Olympics, especially when they air at 4 a.m. Even though we don’t have any Cal Bears there (does UC President Janet Napolitano count?), we at the Clog still thought you should be up-to-date with all the events. To help, we’ve collected the top five Olympic highlights thus far:

1. The Great Fall

Russian cross-country skier Anton Gafarov was happily skiing away when one of his skis broke. He fell and tumbled down the hill. The brave lad got up and attempted to finish the race with his broken ski. But then, a coach from another team came rushing to his aid with a new ski and fixed him up. Although Gararov finished among the last few, he was greeted at the finish line with thunderous applause, while the coach became an internet hero.


2. The Ring Failure

The opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics was a grand display of fireworks, costumes and lights. The unveiling of the five Olympic rings is always an iconic part of the opening ceremonies; this time, however, it went a bit wrong. Five large snowflakes were displayed after the opening number. These snowflakes were merging into the olympic rings, however, and the fifth had technical failures. This moment spread across the internet and is now the butt of numerous Twitter jokes and various BuzzFeed articles.


 3. WTB?! Moment

Have you ever looked at your exam results and been disappointed at your score? (Of course you have, you go to Berkeley.) Well, you’re not alone. On Tuesday, American figure skater Ashley Wagner felt the same way. After finishing her performance, Wagner went to observe her scores in the waiting section and was incredibly disappointed. She appeared to mouth the word “bullshit” when her score of 63.10 went up.


4. Overexposed?

After winning the bronze medal in the 3000 meters race, Russian speed skater Olga Graf forgot she was on national television. After the race, the skater started to unzip her suit, forgetting that she wasn’t wearing anything inside. She got down to her belly button before she realized it wouldn’t be appropriate for the kids at home. Graf did acknowledge that she might end up being a viral sensation on YouTube.


5. Kate Hansen dancing

Did you see Taylor Swift’s headbanging at the Grammys? No fear: If you missed it, you can catch American luger Kate Hansen’s carefree, throw-caution-to-the-wind dance to get your fill of awkward dancing for the day. Hansen was not at all embarrassed at her dance going viral, as it earned her a shout out from her hero Beyonce.


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FEBRUARY 17, 2014

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