Facebook app lets you know it’s TIME to get married

Chloe Hunt/Senior Staff

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We’ve all heard it before: College is the time to have fun, try new things and maybe even “find yourself.” But is it the time to find your significant other? Perhaps even tie the knot? A TIME app predicts the “perfect marriage date” for you.

Valentine’s Day is over, but for many of us, the pressure to have the perfect romantic relationship is always a weight on our shoulders. Have you ever gazed at a friend’s Facebook life event and wondered when you would reach that same milestone?

The methodology is quite simple. The app measures the median age of all your married Facebook friends, including those who have listed their relationship status as “engaged,” “in a domestic partnership” or “in a civil union.” The marriage calculator only uses your Facebook friends who have listed their birthdays, including birth year. It then tells you how long you’ve got left before you should be married.

The catch is you need to have at least 10 married friends for the app to work. This could be problematic for some of us, because the number of married college students (especially undergrads) is relatively small. Even if your Facebook friends do fulfill the criteria, keep in mind some of them may be your parents or around your parents’ age, so the app isn’t really analyzing your social group.

The app also has other problems: 1) fake relationship statuses (yeah, I’m sure Brittany is married to her bff Sarah); 2) not everyone puts a date of birth in his or her profile; 3) not everyone lists a relationship status in his or her profile.

The Clog had some friends take the poll, and the results were quite shocking. A lot of our friends are apparently supposed to get married in the next two years — which is just too soon in our opinion.

The app certainly takes the romance out of a relationship, but we appreciate all the recent apps aimed at analyzing our life via Facebook.

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