Art a la carte: the Olympics and other visual art from around the globe

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This week’s “Art a la Carte” jumps around from cheese to drugs to the Olympics. Happy viewing!

1. The art of making delicious, artisanal, organic cheeses is one that requires a lot of time, effort and passion. Fortunately, Cowgirl Creamery has been creating award-winning cheeses since 1994. Get in on the action with a tour and cheese tasting of its Point Reyes Station creamery. It’s only $5! Can’t make it out to Point Reyes? Check out the Cowgirl Creamery Fromage Blanc flavor at Gourmet Ghetto’s very own Lush Gelato!

2. “The Ninth Floor” is a series of hauntingly stark photographs documenting a group of drug addicts who lived communally in an apartment in Manhattan. Photographer Jessica Dimmock, who previously won the Best Cinematography Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival in 2010, captured the whole thing.

3. And in more drug-related news, check out these 45 self-portraits done by artist Bryan Lewis Saunders, who experimented with art while under the influence of drugs.

4. More lost Picasso and Monet paintings have been found in Germany and Austria. The Los Angeles Times dives into the Nazi-era art loot.  

5. This last one is just because we’re not done making fun of Sochi. And you shouldn’t be either.

Image source: Brian Storm under Creative Commons

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