The daily roundup: all of Feb. 19′s need-to-know news from the Daily Cal

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The daily roundup is a collection of the top stories to read from The Daily Californian. We’ve curated need-to-know articles from all sections of the Daily Cal to give you a quick glimpse at our news coverage.   

Top headlines to read:

“In response to past allegations that the Berkeley Student Cooperative tolerates a drug culture, BSC’s executive cabinet proposed a controversial plan last week to designate one of its residences, Cloyne Court, as a substance-free academic theme house and prohibit the house’s current and former members from moving back to the residence in the fall.” — Proposal to transform Cloyne Court’s culture sparks controversy within co-op community

“A local teachers union launched a campaign last week to garner support from city businesses in the wake of the commencement of contract negotiations with Berkeley Unified School District.” — Teachers union launches contract campaign to gain support from local businesses

“A UC Berkeley student was arrested on suspicion of robbery and aggravated assault after an alleged incident just before midnight Tuesday near the Campbell Hall construction site.” — UC Berkeley student arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, robbery

“A lawsuit filed against the city of Berkeley last week alleges that city police officers played a role in the death of Kayla Moore, a transgender individual who died last year.” — Father of Kayla Moore sues city for wrongful death

 Sports tonight:

“Like a wave washing over her, soaking her to the core, an overwhelming sense of pride filled Stephanie Au.” — Such Great Heights: With her Cal career nearly over, Stephanie Au is ready for her third Summer Olympics


“I’m covered in MIDI cables — it’s pretty impressive,” exclaimed Morgan Kibby, the LA-based keyboardist and vocalist for M83, who is currently touring as White Sea, a solo project she started in 2010. At the time, Kibby was preparing to start touring with Phantogram and was feeling flustered as she prepped for the shows to come.” — Keyboardist Morgan Kibby, as White Sea, crafts oceans of sound

“Back in high school, I was infatuated with the rock ‘n’ roll persona. The rock ‘n’ roll sound. The rock ‘n’ roll feel. I grew my hair out, bought a leather jacket and wanted to go to college in New York City to embody Julian Casablancas from The Strokes. I sped down suburban streets with the windows down while blasting The White Stripes, feeling like a 17-year-old rebel without a cause.

“t’s a Wednesday afternoon, and you just got out of class. You go over to Free Speech Movement Cafe to see if there are any seats available, which, unsurprisingly, there aren’t. Of course, you’re stubborn and you think you deserve a comfortable seat in FSM because there’s really nowhere else on our 1,232 acres of campus soil to hit the books. Here are some tips to help you out, ranked in order of increasing desperation.” — How to actually get a seat in Free Speech Movement Cafe

Berkeley on the Web:

“Once upon a time, when I was a wide-eyed college freshman, I thought going a day without French fries was the pinnacle of healthy eating, and my most ambitious cooking projects revolved around creative applications of instant ramen. I certainly never shopped at farmers’ markets.” — Farm-Fresh Produce Options Expand at UC Berkeley

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