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What your outfits for class say about you

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FEBRUARY 19, 2014

When you get up in the morning and get dressed, the clothes you choose to wear can say a lot about how you’re feeling that day. Maybe you’re an athlete and Nike Free Runs are life, or maybe you don’t even bother to change out of your pajamas to go to lecture. Although we love Berkeley’s freedom to allow everyone to wear anything, here are some general ideas about what your outfits for class say about you: 

1) Sweats


Either it’s Monday, or you’ve given up on any and every level of trying to look presentable to class. Usually, this outfit is paired with a beanie, a messy bun or ponytail or the shirt you wore to bed. There’s a good chance you might have woken up five to 10 minutes before class. 

2) Jeans and a decent top


Congratulations! You actually made the effort to put on your jeans and pair it with a nice top, button down, etc. This usually means you woke up early enough or in a good enough mood to try. Or maybe your sweats were dirty and you had no choice.

3) A suit


You’re either going through pledging, or you have a meeting right after class — unless you just want to wear a suit because you can. Maybe you dress for success to ace that midterm. #lookgoodfeelgood

4) Sport shorts and running shoes

You’re probably an athlete and sporty gear is your most comfortable outfit to put on for class. You wear your team’s sweatshirt at least once a week. We admire your toned calves and athletic ability. Or you just wore running shoes to look like you exercise, but you don’t.

5) Leggings

Leggings are sweats that you aren’t ashamed to wear in public. You wanted maximum comfort while also looking presentable. They are most likely your favorite go-to when you wake up, paired with your North Face jacket, boots or sneakers.

6) Sandals with socks

This is the ultimate form of lazy efficiency. Who has time to put on sneakers when your sandals take three seconds to put on? Those comfy, soft-padded sandals are perfect with black socks, basketball shorts and a sweatshirt. Just as with wearing sweats, you probably have your pajama shirt underneath your jacket.

7) A dress


You’re either a freshman who wanted to try for the first day of class, or you just felt #flawless and wanted to show it! Dresses are also the perfect disguise: It’s easy to put on, and you come out looking super cute.

8) UC Berkeley gear 


You love UC Berkeley and you proudly wear your UC Berkeley sweatshirt to class. It’s a win-win for everyone: You feel comfy, no one has complaints about your outfit, and you get to show your blue-and-gold pride.

9) Party dress

We’re not exactly sure why someone would come to a 10 a.m. lecture with a party dress on, but it’s Berkeley — people will always surprise you.

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FEBRUARY 19, 2014

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