The results are in: Most students identify as the Campanile

You may recall our post last week asking you your major and how much sex you were having. And, still on that poll kick, just a few days ago we asked you: “Which campus building you would be and why?

We must say, we appreciated how witty and passionate Berkeley students were when answering our open-ended question (although a little bit surprised at your spelling abilities). We at the Clog laughed at all of the building-related puns, and we think maybe one day you will all work for Buzzfeed. We’d also like to give a special shoutout to the architecture enthusiasts who beautifully described buildings we had never considered before.


In more than 100 (somewhat) legitimate responses, we received about 40 unique buildings as responses. The most popular building to identify as was the Campanile, which we believe, because it is probably the most defining characteristic of our campus. So is that why so many students believed our clock tower to be their spirit building? Some people related to being “the center of attention” and “the main attraction,” while more mature students could appreciate its phallic nature. You know who you are. Good ones, guys.

reasoning chart

The reasons behind your favorite buildings.

Now, we know we’re at UC Berkeley, but when the next most popular buildings are the libraries, we have to say: come on! Extolling the virtues of knowledge and beauty, as well as the possibility of having sex inside them, there were votes for Doe Library, University Library, East Asian Library and Main Stacks.  There was one vote for the astrophysics Library with the reasoning that “no one knows I exist.” We love you, astrophysics kid.

On the opposite end, of course, came the RSF-ers, who claim to be “buff” and “not soft.” We’re more likely to believe the guy who say he’s the RSF because of the “bootay.”

And we salute the intellectuals who feel just as “complex,” “confused” and “crazy” as the enigma that is Dwinelle. Also, we too enjoy messing with freshmen.

Locations of your favorite buildings.

Locations of your favorite buildings.

We would like to include honorable mentions to the person who kills dreams like Evans, to the person who feels like the dinosaur inside of VLSB, to the person whose favorite position is “the Wheeler” and to the person who is equally “as full of shit” as Crossroads.

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