Where to buy coffee in Berkeley for less than $1.50

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Every student at UC Berkeley needs one thing to survive the daily high-stress schedules to which we submit ourselves: liquid energy. Worm dirt. A cup of joe. We’re talking about coffee. We know you don’t want to spend any more than necessary on your daily dose of caffeine, so here are a few spots around Berkeley where you can find a small cup of coffee for less than $1.50, before tax.

Jazzcaffe: $1.47

Down on Addison Street, you can find coffee amidst salads, paninis and pastries. Self-proclaimed as “a little spot of class in the midst of the busy downtown Theater District,” Jazzcaffe is perfect for jazz, theater and coffee connoisseurs.

Hot Cups: $1.45

Another quick stop on Addison Street will earn you cheap coffee as well as some cheap food. Affordable and appetizing sandwiches and quick service are easy to find at this Downtown eatery.

People’s Coffee and Tea: $1.25

People’s on Shattuck not only has cheap coffee, but it’s one of the best cafes for late night studying. They have lots of seats, outlets near every table and they’re open until midnight, so it’s great if you want to study for hours in a warm and quiet cafe environment.

Noah’s Bagels: $0.95 (after 3 p.m.)

Normally a small coffee is $1.89 at Noah’s Bagels on Telegraph, but it’s half off after 3 p.m.! So if you desperately need a cup of joe to keep you awake through your 4 p.m. class — or just to survive the walk home — it will cost less than a dollar here.

Hummingbird Cafe: $0.85

Hummingbird Cafe on Euclid Avenue is a hidden treasure known only to those who frequent the Northside. It’s a tiny place, but they have a large menu including breakfast and lunch items as well as very cheap (and delicious) drinks.

The Stuffed Inn: $0.60

Known primarily for its scrumptious sandwiches with quirky names (such as “Cousteau’s” or “Hemingway’s”), the Stuffed Inn is another treasure of Northside. Pair that 60-cent coffee with some freshly baked cookies and “Bogart’s” turkey and cheese sandwich, and you’ve got a delicious lunch for whatever small change you had floating around in your pockets.

Do you know of any more places that serve cheaper coffee around Berkeley? Let us know in the comments!

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