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Maurizio Cattelan's sculpture of a man in a manhole

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Just as A$AP Rocky successfully embeds fashion in his art, Maurizio Cattelan, an Italian artist and sculptor, and Pierpaolo Ferrari, a fashion photographer, were commissioned by New York Magazine to photograph pieces from this fashion season. TIME’s director of photography interviewed New York Magazine’s director of photography about the shoot. The photographs are both vibrant and humorous, and it is evident that the artist’s and photographer’s visions work well together. The two have paired up in the past to created TOILETPAPER Magazine.

— Anya Schultz

A testament to cynicism: Social psychologists Gabriele Oettingen and Doris Mayer found that students who “harbored positive fantasies put in fewer job applications, received fewer job offers, and ultimately earned lower salaries.” So much for positive thinking.

— Curan Mehra

George Packer examines not just Amazon’s impact on the book industry but its impact on the quality of books themselves.

— Michael Rosen

For The Atlantic’s cover story this month, Caitlin Flanagan explores “The Dark Power of Fraternities.” The article has a fantastic opening paragraph, and is a detailed, in-depth look at the complicated role fraternities play in American higher education.

— Noah Kulwin

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