Truth or dare and other retro games updated for your Berkeley lifestyle

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Remember having sleepovers or hanging out with all of your extremely hormonal adolescent friends and playing those silly games that just ended up being about revealing your juiciest secrets? Or even playing competitive games with  fellow thirteen year-olds that now just seem silly? Now remember how much fun it was? Don’t you wish you could go back? Well we at the Clog say that you can! Here are a couple of games you probably haven’t played in four or more years that you can twist a little to help you bond with your friends, your organizations and break the ice! 


Truth or dare
Who hasn’t had a good game of truth or dare? But now, instead of daring your friends to go ding-dong ditch your neighbors, you can dare them to go ding dong ditch the Chancellor’s house or go jumping in the fountain at Hearst Mining Circle (although that sounds relatively unsanitary).


This is an extremely thrilling game to play, especially if you’re in a club or organization on campus and want to get some good competition going. First, get someone to organize the game — through Facebook would probably be your best bet — and assign everyone a target, another member of the organization, who he or she needs to “assassinate.” Once you are told who your target is, it is your job to “assassinate” him or her by marking his or her neck with a marker or highlighter (and you must do it from behind) with a mark that is at least 2 inches long. You pick up the target of the person you just assassinated. The last person standing is the winner of the entire game. As silly as this sounds, people get really competitive in this game. Just make sure to set some ground rules like no violent behavior and no interrupting people during class. But please feel free to strategize, hang out with your partner all day without even hinting that you are their assassin, and get them at the very last second when they least expect it! When you play this game, expect to see people running frantically around campus like lunatics with open markers in their hands.


Never Have I Ever
It’s simple. Everyone has ten fingers up, people take turns saying things they have never done, and if you have done something that someone says, you put a finger down. When you’ve put all your fingers down, you’re out of the game. Try saying things like “I’ve never been one of those annoying couples at Main Stacks who can somehow simultaneously hold hands, make out, and study at the same time.” We can guarantee you that you will see some guilty fingers go down. 



Also a fun game to loosen up a group of people that just met. Select one person from the group and throw personal questions at them that they must answer truthfully and quickly. Try asking, “Have you ever done the dirty deed in Main Stacks?” or “How do you like your eggs? Fried or Fertilized?” This will 1) make this person extremely uncomfortable and 2) make them admit enough uncomfortable secrets until they are comfortable with you.


Battle shots

How about switching up the tired, old beer pong you play at frats and doing something way more cool instead?  This game is a “grown-up” version of Battleship. And let us tell you, sinking someone’s battle shot is a way more exciting time than sinking their battleship. Check out this video to see how it’s played.


Scavenger Hunt (Berkeley Edition)
Scavenger hunts are always a fun time. But a Cal campus-themed one? Even better! Split the group up into teams and create a scavenger hunt list that they all need to complete. Write down things like “Find the Dwinelle café and take a picture with it” (it’s pretty difficult, trust us) or “Take a duck-face selfie with a Nobel Laureate.” See? Berkeley scavenger hunts are so much cooler than normal people scavenger hunts!

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Spin the Shot
This is exactly what it sounds like. Spin the little device, and whoever it lands on must take the shot! This game will loosen the nerves for obvious reasons, but make sure everyone is comfortable with playing. It’s like Spin the Bottle but you’re not forced to make out with that random student who sat across from you in your high school biology class! Instead, you can just get #turntup and make out with the president of your organization! 

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