10 little things that make UC Berkeley students happy

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Sometimes, just one little moment can make or break your day. These moments, while not always Instagram/Facebook status worthy, will always bring a smile to your face.
1. Seeing your friend on campus
It’s always a nice surprise to see a good friend walking around campus. The type of friend you hug or stop to talk to, rather than awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact (which is, unfortunately, a lot more common).
2. Your favorite spot at the library is open
That feeling when you turn the corner and your favorite spot is open for you for the next four hours. You sit down, plug your charger in and open your laptop as you sigh with content. Too bad you’re going to spend the entire time on Facebook.
3. The weather is consistent throughout the day
If you can go a day in Berkeley without having to change either because it got really cold or really warm, you have had a successful day. It’s only unfortunate if you dressed for the wrong weather.
4. Whenever someone says, “Number one public university…”
It’s not that we like showing off … well no, we do. “Well, you got into Berkeley,” is a particular favorite Cal Bears enjoy saying to one another. Don’t even get us started when someone else compliments us on our school.
5. When a new place opens and it’s good 
It is an exciting moment when we have yet another good pizza/boba/dessert place to spend all the money we have at.
6. Watching fun things happen on Sproul Plaza
Though we spend a  lot of time trying to evade the flyers, it’s always fun to see a group dancing, singing or playing the drums on Sproul.
7. Finding a small cafe that will soon become your new go-to place
Cafe Milano and Caffe Strada are great, but they’re so popular they’re jam-packed with people most of the time. So when you get to find a cafe that has good food and atmosphere that’s still fairly “underground,” how could you not be happy?
8. When there are open seats on the 51B 
After waiting for the bus with your heavy Trader Joe’s shopping bags and your backpack, it’s a little treat from the heavens when there’s an open seat on the bus.
9. When you make all the stoplights walking across the street


Every time the light turns to the white person walking, your heart leaps a little with joy, and you smile to yourself as you walk across the street.
10. Getting to class on time even after leaving late. 
You walk into class a little out of breath but with two minutes to spare, and you can’t help but feel a little proud of yourself for making it on time after waking up only 10 minutes before.

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