Art a la carte: inspired by San Francisco

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This week’s theme for “Art a la Carte” is our favorite big city: the veggie-loving, tech-obsessed, fog-filled, urine-smelling city of San Francisco.

1. If your one dream in life is to see San Francisco sans tourists, your dream has come true. Inspired by “rare occasions like Christmas morning and Super Bowl Sunday” when the city empties out, “Empty San Francisco” by Sierra Hartman documents the city, erasing the physical human presence. Check out her photography for a part-peaceful, part-creepy vision.

2. It’s no surprise that rent in SF is jaw-droppingly high. Curator Carrie Sinclair Katz can only afford to rent the hallway of a building off of the 101 on 24th Street. She has converted the hallway into an art gallery that exhibits only one piece at a time. SF’s tiniest gallery, Savernack Street Gallery, can be viewed solely through a reversed peephole. The next time you head to the city for some urban exploration make sure to put this on your “To Visit” list.

3. Aria Antiques, located on Grant Avenue in North Beach, is one of San Francisco’s oddest curio shops. Filled with a scent of old-world wonder and whimsy, the shop contains skeletons, foreign postcards, globes, dolls’ limbs and personal letters. A trip here always proves to be interesting, and we promise you’ll find something eerie and hair-raising.

4. Though San Francisco really is quite perfect, we couldn’t stand to leave Berkeley (the best city ever!) off the list. Check out Berkeley’s very own “Humans of Berkeley,” inspired by Brandon Stanton’s renowned blog “Humans of New York.” You may even find someone you know!

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