Independent ASUC presidential candidate advocates for ‘Struggle Bus’ to be included in the bus pass

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Disclaimer: As part of the ASUC general election coverage by the Daily Clog, we will be writing a series of satirical articles about a fake student government presidential candidate named Stanford Bush.

ASUC presidential candidate Stanford H. Bush announced Friday that he would be pushing an initiative within the ASUC Senate to renegotiate the AC Transit pass to include coverage for the Struggle Bus.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of students at Berkeley who are riding the Struggle Bus,” Bush said. “Students have expressed their frustration on social media platforms, and while I am still deeply committed to my community, the issues of the Struggle Bus simply can’t be ignored.”

According to data released by AC Transit, ridership on the Struggle Bus has surpassed the 51B as the most used bus by UC Berkeley students. Ridership tends to increase around midterms and finals seasons as well as on game days. Students take the Struggle Bus mostly to Main Stacks and the RSF. Because the Struggle Bus is often over capacity, AC Transit is looking into producing more of them.

The past year has seen an uptick in the number of Facebook and Twitter posts mentioning the Struggle Bus. Statuses such as “That midterm. I am riding the Struggle Bus so hard. I literally cannot even right now” are especially popular among students. Common responses to such posts include “But actually” and “Furreal doe.”

“We endorse Bush’s view; since the Struggle Bus is so popular, we feel that it deserves to be included in our bus pass coverage,” said an ASUC official who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the negotiations. “As evidenced by student responses, many of them are really taking it to Doe Library.”

However, taking the Struggle Bus isn’t always smooth riding. Complaints of “We cannot even” have assailed the ASUC for the last year. Even UCPD is beginning to take student concerns over the Struggle Bus seriously.

“When students are telling us that there are literal and actual things causing them to be ‘unable to even,’ we’re going to make it a priority,” said a campus official. “For a while, we thought that it was figurative things making students angry. But now that we know that these struggles are real, we need to get to the bottom of the issue.”

According to campus administration, this situation is not unique to UC Berkeley. Campuses across the nation are experiencing similar increases in Struggle Bus ridership. Part of Bush’s new push includes partnering the ASUC with AC Transit to make the Struggle Bus more rider-friendly.

“ ‘I love riding the Struggle Bus!’ said no one ever,” is another oft-cited status that has caused student governments much worry.

“Clearly, nobody enjoys being on the Struggle Bus, and yet students ride it all the time,” Bush said. “This situation needs to be handled immediately so that students can go back to being able to even.”

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