9 things every student thinks about during lecture

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It’s easy for your mind to run away with you when you’re in lecture, diligently (or not so diligently) listening to your professor. It’s easy to get distracted in class, and we at the Clog like to highlight these little moments of your UC Berkeley experience. So here’s a list of things you might have thought about (besides the material) at one point during your lecture:

1. “I would get the seat that creaks every time I move.”


UC Berkeley is an old campus, so you’re more than likely to get a seat that announces your every movement to the whole class.

2. “Only 20 minutes have passed?!”


That excruciating time when the first 20 minutes of class has passed, but there are still 30 more minutes to go.

3. “I should have just not come to class.”

Then you realize that there was really no point in coming to class because you’re not even paying attention.

4. “Should I be worried that I don’t understand anything the professor is saying?”


We all have felt this at one point. You don’t know if you feel amused at how much you don’t know or if you want to crumble in tears because of how much you don’t know.

5. “Don’t go on Facebook. Don’t. Go. On. Face — I’m on Facebook.”

Do you use Facebook as a method of trying not to fall asleep in class? Do you end up spending the whole time on Facebook? It’s OK.

6. “Someone better not ask a question two minutes before class ends.”

There’s always that one kid who raises his or her hand right before the lecture is over, and suddenly you have to be there for an extra two minutes! #thestruggleisreal

7. “What should I eat after class?”


It’s always fun to plan your next meal. It’s like a little reward for you making the effort to come to your lecture.

8. “I have so much work to do … “


We’re all busy, and it’s natural that in the middle of lecture you might begin planning out your whole week because you realized how much you still have to do. It doesn’t help when you also realize that not paying attention in this lecture will bite you in the ass later.

9. “Dang, why does everyone else seem like they get what’s going on?”


This might be the worst out of all the thoughts you have, because you suddenly feel like you’re the only one who’s not paying attention. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. #wereallinthistogether

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