How to dress for the absurd Berkeley weather

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Usually, chatting about the weather is a last resort of a failing conversation. Lately, however, a conversation about the weather hasn’t seemed quite as mundane — probably because the weather has been insane. What’s up with all the sun and the rain and the cold and the warm all within the time span of five minutes?

All this back-and-forth from Mother Nature has been making it rather difficult to figure out how to get dressed in the morning. No matter what you wear, you’ll end up feeling somewhat unprepared for day’s weather conditions. If you’ve been struggling with how to dress for this absurd Berkeley weather, lay your fears to rest. By following the Clog’s simple guide, you’ll be prepared for whatever inclement (or lovely) weather conditions thrown your way.

1. Always carry an umbrella hat.

The first thing we recommend is to always have an umbrella or a hat with you. Scratch that — invest in an umbrella hat. It’ll keep you dry when it rains and block the damaging rays of the sun when it gets warm.  It’s compact, it’s light and it can be yours for less than $4. What could be better? Never again will you be caught unprepared in rain or sun — or both, as the case has been recently.

2. Invest in a pair of zip-off ski pants

We know, cargo shorts went out of style circa 2006. But what’s more important to you, being stylish or being prepared for any temperature between 30 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit? Because these beauties are waterproof, they’ll keep you dry in the rain. If the rain’s cold, they’ll keep you warm. If the rain is hot and humid, they’ll keep you cool. And the best part is you don’t have to commit. Simply zip and unzip as you see fit. It’s the best of both worlds.

3. Keep a sarong in your backpack.

Now, we know it can be just as challenging to decide what to wear on top as it is on bottom.  That’s why we recommend a unisex sarong. You can probably find one at American Apparel. These glorified pieces of cloth can be worn as shirts, scarves, skirts and even dresses. This means that no matter the weather, you’ll stay stylish and functional. Find a color to complement the zip-off pants, and you’ll be unstoppable as you walk the streets. Wear it as a shirt on a chilly morning and switch to the scarf by 11 a.m. At 1 p.m., switch it to a skirt. Don’t forget to change into a dress before you walk home after classes. We know walking all the way up Bancroft Way makes you overheat.

4. Buy plastic boot covers.

The hardest part of dressing for unpredictable weather is choosing a pair of shoes. If you’ve ever wanted to wear shoes that aren’t waterproof when it’s raining, then look no further. These plastic boot covers will instantly turn any pair of shoes into rain boots. Just stash them in your backpack; you’ll be prepared for whatever the weather decides to throw at you. We’re not quite sure about the traction on these yet, so if you slip, please don’t sue.

5. Scour the Internet for versatile outerwear.

Lastly, no outfit is complete without a signature piece of outerwear. We would seriously advise you to enter into a bidding war for this eBay gem. It’s a jacket with zip-off sleeves, so it can also be a vest when you need it to be. Made of soft Italian leather, you won’t even care that it’s not waterproof  because you’ll be looking so gosh darn cool. And that umbrella hat will keep you plenty dry. The gold chain isn’t included, but we think it’s well worth a little extra.

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