Collaborating with the community at Art Murmur

Joy Lin/Staff

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“Terminus Exhibition No. 4” at Terminus

Salon-style, “Terminus Exhibition No. 4” showcases works by Evan Barbour, Mike Kimball, Adam Springer, Ghost Ghost Teeth, Jon Garaizar and Sarah Craig. Pieces range from abstract expressionist paintings to precisionist sketches of Oakland scenery. Terminus focuses on large group shows to highlight emerging, local artists.

“Peter Honig: A Nervous System” at Mercury 20

“A scaffold for daydreams, composed from almost nothing, about almost everything” is how artist Peter Honig describes his photography. “A Nervous System” is an amalgamation of found objects, reassembled into miniature models and then photographed. Hosted by Mercury 20, the exhibit chronicles the passage of time with dark wit and whimsy.

“Working On It – Part 2: Indira Martina Morre & Farley Gwazda” at Royal NoneSuch Gallery

“Working On It” is a collection of the participating artists’ “to-do” lists, notes and reminders. Panels showcase overlapping documents, creating a dizzying and convoluted piece as a critique of contemporary society. Additionally, Royal NoneSuch Gallery and Martina }{ Johnston Gallery are hosting “Critical Reducer,” an installation built of computer-generated words, adding to the jumble of scribbles in “Working On It.”

“CONT’D” at Classic Cars West

Joshua Nissen King’s stream-of-consciousness paintings embody the process of imagination to concrete form. In “CONT’D,” his work literally continues — breaking free from the 2-D plane and exploring dimension and immediacy. Classic Cars West, a 13,000-square-foot car showroom, is the perfect place to absorb the paintings.


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