Pac-12 Power Rankings: End of season haiku

Michael Tao/Senior Staff

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Editor’s note: The Daily Cal will be publishing Pac-12 Power Rankings every week, alternating between men’s and women’s basketball. Power rankings are determined by the Daily Cal’s basketball writers and do not necessarily reflect the current Pac-12 standings.

1. Arizona (28-3, 15-3 Pac-12) (Last week: 1st)

Unless the Wildcats

all contract some rare disease,

the Pac-12 is theirs.

— Michael Rosen

 2. Oregon (22-8, 10-8) (8th)

The Ducks are feasting

yet are just the seven seed.

But this squad could roll.

— Riley McAtee

3. UCLA (23-8, 12-6) (2nd)

Kyle Anderson

is nicknamed Slow-mo because

he’s fast as a stump.

— Michael Rosen

 4. Arizona State (21-10, 10-8) (7th)

That other desert

school is also darn good at

playing basketball.

— Riley McAtee

5. Colorado (21-10, 10-8) (5th)

With Booker and Scott,

this team is still dangerous.

Or maybe they aren’t.

— Riley McAtee

 6. Stanford (19-11, 10-8) (3rd)


is not a word Stanford likes,

but it is the truth.

— Michael Rosen

7. Cal (19-12, 10-8) (4th)

Hey, these guys are good!

Oh, wait, these dudes are awful.

Nobody can tell.

— Michael Rosen

8. Utah (20-10, 9-9) (6th)

Winning at home is

nice, but it’s not going to

get you anywhere.

— Michael Rosen

 9. Washington (17-14, 9-9) (9th)

Wilcox is a beast,

but where’s the rest of this team?

Huskies have no depth.

— Riley McAtee

10. Oregon State (16-14, 8-10) (10th)

Can you name one guy

on this Oregon State squad?

Yeah, neither can I.

— Riley McAtee

11. Washington State (10-20, 3-15) (11th)

DaVonte Lacy.

No, there’s nothing else to say.

Five more syllables.

— Michael Rosen

12. USC (11-20, 2-16) (12th)

USC sucks at

everything. Seriously,

don’t watch this dull team.

— Riley McAtee


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